Benefits of partnering with Psychological Behavioral Health Inc. (PBH):

  • Earn the negotiated group rate for your clinical services.
  • Know exactly what is collected for your services (Transparency builds trust).
  • No claim collection headaches.
  • No claim submission headaches.
  • Maintain control of your clients and charting and practice.
  • No restrictions if you leave the group practice with your active clients.
  • No non-compete clauses.
  • Retain full control of your clients who are part of your service.
  • Access group consultation and collaboration and mentorship.
  • Be in charge of your own scope of practice.  

How is this group model different from traditional group practice models?

This group practice model allows you to manage your practice with a group rate and without the headache associated with submitting claims and collecting payments. In comparison, you will find that some group practices tend to exert control over many aspects of your practice and retain a relatively high portion of your service fee (over 50%). Traditional therapy groups may also require that you see a certain number of clients per day to cover the group expenses and contribute to business profit. It will not feel like your own practice and you may not like to give up a lot of your earnings to the group. In contrast, PBH ensures that you maintain control of your practice for a low billing fee. 

PBH is different than traditional therapy group models with an emphasis on supporting independent practice without the billing headaches. If you find a better deal, please let us know. 

CEO Comments

Psychological Behavioral Health Inc. helps clinicians maintain an independent practice while avoiding the challenges associated with submitting claims and collecting insurance payments. Please allow PBH the opportunity to eliminate the billing and collection headaches so that you can focus on clinical care and building your private practice.

PBH offers more than affordable billing services. PBH also helps secure office space, advocates on your behalf with insurance, sets up insurance contracts, and brings clients to your practice.  

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